Flashback Friday: Death Valley, California

Flashback Friday is a picture series where we “flashback” to some of our memories – from either from our prior travel or from home. We hope you’ll enjoy some of our remembrances!

We were pretty excited to meet up with Della’s parents for the third time on our RTW trip this last week. It is their first trip back to SE Asia since their RTW trip 35 years ago. Naturally, this made us think to other trips we’ve taken with Della’s parents. Also, this is the first Friday in March… and March means it is getting close to Spring Break! This picture combines the two: a spring break trip out to CA where our first stop was in Death Valley!

Hiking in Death Valley

Hiking in Death Valley

Flashback Friday: Sunsets over California

Flashback Friday is a picture series where we “flashback” to some of our favorite memories- from either our prior travel or from home. We hope you’ll enjoy some of our remembrances!

A few weeks ago, we posted a flashback Friday about the amazing sunsets in Africa. It made us think about another amazing sunset that Della has experienced. We also had Della’s sister Dana with us for our adventures recently and she is the one who shared that sunset with Della. We thought we would share it with you! Africa had some awesome sunsets, but maybe its got nothing on California!

This was taken on a road trip from Denver to Dana’s new home in Oakland.


This one is just to prove we were actually there! 😀


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Underrated Destination: Oakland

We had the privilege of visiting Oakland this last weekend. Oakland often gets overlooked in favor of San Francisco, but we thought it was a fantastic city with lots to enjoy. It is, of course, blessed with the presence of Dana, Della’s sister, which would make most places awesome. Though, Oakland was pretty fun in its own right!


We thought the downtown area was quite nice. Pretty clean and easily walkable. There were plenty of places to eat and nice outdoor gathering areas. We spent an afternoon exploring much of what the area had to offer.

Preservation Park

This park has 16 historic buildings. Some of them were there originally and others were moved to this location. The houses are all currently in use housing things like non-profits, cafes, legal offices, etc. They were beautiful houses and the park was very pleasant. Our only complaint was that the signs were mostly worn off so we weren’t able to read all the information!



The signs were mostly worn off.

China Town

Oakland has a bustling China Town with lots of good-looking shops and eateries. We were bummed we didn’t get to try one of the Cambodian restaurants we spotted.


Lake Merritt

Lake Merritt is in a great central location. It has a wonderful walk/bike trail all the way around the lake. There are great views into downtown and across the lake itself. The general mood around the lake was busy and merry. People jogging or strolling around with kids or dogs during the day and barbecuing, listening to music, or picnicking in the evening.




Oakland Cathedral (Christ the Light)

On the northwest side of Lake Merritt, you can’t help but notice the amazing Oakland Cathedral. This was on of the more architecturally interesting cathedrals we have been in! Once inside, you’re struck by the amazing amount of natural light and the way everything inside draws your eyes up and to the depiction of Christ at the front. It is somehow created by all natural light coming in through grating behind. This is definitely worth a stop.


The church is the amazing building on the left.


That image is all natural light coming in from the outside

Lakeside Park

The park is located on the northern end of Lake Merritt. It is a very pleasant park that includes a free botanic garden. We wish we could have explored the park more, but in the late afternoon it decided to rain on us.



Grand Lake Theater

The Grand Lake Theater is a great old theater in Oakland. It shows current movies now (we saw Divergent.. it was only OK) but has been around and showing films since 1926. It was beautiful inside and out. We definitely recommend seeing a movie there!

If you have a chance to visit Oakland, we recommend it!

Special thanks to Dana for hosting us!  Check out her blog at http://biketheway.blogspot.com/ and maybe even give her a donation to her Climate Ride coming up!