We visited Nepal in April of 2015. We experienced the 7.8 earthquake while trekking in the Langtang Vallley on April 25th. Here are the posts we wrote about Nepal.

  1. Kathmandu (Before the Quake)
  2. The Nepal Earthquake: How to Help
  3. Bus Ride: Kathmandu to SyabruBesi
  4. Our Langtang Trek (Before the Quake)
  5. During the Nepal Earthquake: Our Experience
  6. After the Earthquake Part 1: Sheltering at Bamboo/Survival
  7. After the Earthquake Part 2: Decisions and Projects
  8. After the Earthquake Part 3: The Politics and Money of Rescue
  9. After the Earthquake Part 4: Rescue
  10. After the Earthquake Part 5: Returns and Reunions
  11. How We Got Home from Kathmandu for $104
  12. Connections: Team Bamboo
  13. We’re Home After the Earthquake: How Do We Feel?

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