Our Budget series of posts keeps track of how much we spend during our travels. Our general goal is to travel the world spending less than $100/day as a couple. This series will allow you to check how we did in each country. It also will give you an idea of how much you might expect to spend if you travel there. We divide our budget into categories: Accommodation, Activities, Alcohol, Food, Miscellaneous, Transportation, and Visa. We also describe our style of travel and what goes into each of these categories so you can use it to help you budget your own travels!

Posts in our Budget Series:

  1. Belize/Guatemala Trip Overview
  2. How Can You Afford to go Around the World?
  3. Budget: Self-Drive Safari
  4. Budget: South Africa
  5. Budget: Poland
  6. Budget: Slovakia
  7. Budget: Hungary
  8. Budget: Montenegro
  9. Budget: Albania
  10. Budget: Greece
  11. Budget: Turkey
  12. Budget: Ireland
  13. Budget: Myanmar (Burma)
  14. Budget: Singapore
  15. Budget: Bali
  16. Budget: Cambodia
  17. Budget: Laos
  18. Budget: Thailand
  19. Budget: Vietnam
  20. Budget: Hong Kong
  21. RTW Budget: Under $100/day?!
  22. What Were the Cheapest Places We Stayed on our RTW?
  23. What Were the Most Expensive Places We Stayed on our RTW?
  24. What Were the Most/Least Expensive Places to Travel Per Day?

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