Special Series


Our Budget series of posts keeps track of how much we spend during our travels. Our general goal is to travel the world spending less than $100/day as a couple. This series will allow you to check how we did in each country. It also will give you an idea of how much you might expect to spend if you travel there. We divide our budget into categories: Accommodation, Activities, Alcohol, Food, Miscellaneous, Transportation, and Visa. We also describe our style of travel and what goes into each of these categories so you can use it to help you budget your own travels!


Often, as we travel, we are fortunate enough to meet really amazing people! That is often one of the best benefits of travel. Our Connections series showcases some of the really cool people that we met and who we hope to stay in touch with in the future!

Dancing Around the World

One of our favorite things to do is dance. Della in particular can’t go too long without finding a way to shake it. She has enjoyed making videos of some of the dancing we’ve done around the world!

Nepal Earthquake

We were visiting Nepal during the large 7.8 magnitude earthquake that occurred on April 25, 2015. We were trekking in the Langtang Valley and were trapped for 5 days before we were rescued by helicopter. Our Earthquake series tells our story.

Fast Forward Friday

Fast Forward Friday is our series where we share our anticipation for our upcoming travel destinations!

Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday is a picture series where we “flashback” to some of our memories – from either from our prior travel or from home. We hope you’ll enjoy some of our remembrances!

Flying Cheaply

One of the ways we’re often able to stay under our $100/day travel goal is by using credit card points or airlines miles to fly cheaply around the world. Read this series to see how we do it!

Moments of Misery

Most of our posts on this blog will be happy recollections of some moments of our trip. But life on the road isn’t always fun. We feel like we’d like to share some of these moments of misery too. (OK, and vent a little about them too…)

Monthly Updates

It is a fun experience for us to reflect on our journeys each month. While we were on our RTW the world, we wrote recaps of what we did each month.


In the summer of 2014, we embarked on what would become one of the biggest adventures of our lives! We planned on a year long trip around the world, hitting at least 3 continents. It didn’t turn out exactly as expected, but it was still one of the most amazing things we’ve done this far!

RTW Planning

Taking a year out of your “normal life” to travel is no small feat! Our RTW Planning series showcases how we managed it.

Self-Drive Safari

One of the things that we were most excited (and more scared) about on our RTW trip was a self-drive safari in Africa. Yes, we drove ourselves through the wilds of South Africa, Botswana, and Namibia. Read about it all in our Self-Drive Safari series.

Small Comforts

There are a few small comforts that we run into now and then that really make us feel better while traveling…

Sports Fan Abroad

Eric is a big fan of sports and he worried about how he would survive missing out on some of his favorite things while traveling abroad for a year. Read his Sports Fan Abroad series to see how he did!

Then and Now

One of our inspirations for our RTW trip was that Della’s parents did their own RTW world trip in 1980. Traveling the world world was a very different experiences back then. Read our Then and Now series to hear more about what has changed and what has stayed the same in traveling.

Zumba Round the World

Before embarking on the RTW trip, Della was a Zumba instructor. She made it a point to check out some Zumba classes in different countries around the world. Read her Zumba Round the World series to see how they were!

Thoughts on 100 Days of Travel

We were extremely proud when we hit our first 100 days of travel. It had been such a great journey and we had learned a lot. Read about our thoughts on 100 days of travel.


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