RTW Planning

Taking a year out of your “normal life” to travel is no small feat! Our RTW Planning series showcases how we managed it.

Here are our Planning posts:

  1. How We’re Getting to Africa for $7
  2. How Can You Afford to go Around the World?
  3. How Do You Plan Something Like That?
  4. Traveling for a Year: Harder or Easier than “Real Life?”
  5. How We’re Getting to Europe for $200
  6. Our Packing Lists
  7. First Goodbyes
  8. Two Months: To Do
  9. Planning Our Self-Drive Safari
  10. Good Advice
  11. Shots, Shots, Shots: Our Visit to a Travel Clinic
  12. Texi Goes to Texas (Flying a Cat)
  13. One Month: To Do
  14. One Week: To Do
  15. Packing Our House
  16. How We Returned Home from Istanbul for $352.60
  17. How We Got to Bangkok for $264

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