First Goodbyes

We are getting closer and closer to the departure date of our trip. We’ve definitely been getting swept up in the anticipation. Luckily, a lot of things are coming together for us: we have both spoken to our jobs and have a start date for our leaves, we have someone potentially lined up to rent our house, we have a plan for our kitty, we have major plane tickets booked and a safari planned! But, there are definitely some things we are not looking forward to. I had to face one of those tonight.


Today I taught my last Zumba class at Dancing the Soul. It is a wonderful dance studio where I have worked for almost the last three years. It’s a strange thing to say goodbye to something that has been a constant part of your world and routine for so long. It was also time to say farewell to some of the wonderful women I have been dancing with every Wednesday!

Saying goodbye is never an easy task. I know that this will be the first of many goodbyes we will have to undertake before we leave in just over 2 months. It will be goodbye to family, friends, routine, familiar faces and places. While I am so excited for the adventure this trip will be, I am dreading the part where I have to do things like this.

But enough with the sad stuff for now… back to the anticipation. Even though I will be leaving Dancing the Soul, I hope to not give up Zumba for the year. One of our goals is to attend Zumba classes in as many different places as we can! Just keep your eye out for posts tagged Zumba Round the World and I’ll let you know what it’s like to Salsa in Slovakia or Cumbia in Kathmandu!

For those of you who can’t wait to dance around the world, check out this song!  Zumba Round the World (All Around the World by Paulina Rubio)


4 thoughts on “First Goodbyes

  1. I can totally relate! I had to write individual goodbye notes to help with the process. Do you think you’ll be back at Dancing the Soul in a year or so? Love the pink pants!

    • Hey Jaime! I guess I’m not really sure if I’ll be back which is what made it a little sad! You’re right that for the most part I’ll just be able to say “see you in a year!” It will be so hard to say goodbye to the kids though!

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