Planning Our Self-Drive Safari

Why Self-Drive?

When setting out our overall itinerary, we decided that we wanted our first stop to be South Africa.We also know we wanted to do some sort of safari to see some of the amazing wildlife and sights that Africa has to offer. But what kind of safari should we do?

First, we had to figure out where we wanted to go. Some people just go out to Kruger National Park in South Africa. While that sounded like an excellent destination, once we saw pictures of places like Sossusvlei and Victoria Falls, we decided to focus on getting to both Botswana and Namibia out of Johannesburg.

A quick glance at the prices or the luxury guided safaris let us know that was a no-go. Another option that a lot of “backpackers” do is to do a group “overland” tours through a large tour operator. This would have allowed us to see a lot the highlights, but the downside seemed to be to us that we wouldn’t be able to set our own pace.

Then, we stumbled across a blog by Traveling 9 to 5 about a self-drive safari. Intrigued, we looked into this further and thought it sounded pretty cool. You rent a truck with camping equipment and drive yourself on your own itinerary. This seemed like it would allow us to see exactly what we wanted while not breaking the bank. So, we started planning for this option.

Picking a Truck

There are many operators in Johannesburg that will rent you the standard self-drive safari vehicle: a four-wheel-drive pickup (always white for some reason) with a tent mounted on top and camping supplies included. We wanted to find a good deal, but also wanted to go with someone that seemed responsive to our concerns.

We got quotes from a few different places, then made a spreadsheet to compare their daily costs, insurance options and other fees. In the end, we went with Bushlore. Their costs were on the lower end of the spectrum, and they were very responsive in answering questions. From their selection of trucks, we chose the Toyota Hilux with Safari Camper.

Choosing the Route

The next step was to figure out where the truck was going to take us. July is part of the high season for safaris, so we couldn’t afford to dawdle. Conveniently, Bushlore offers a service to help plan the itinerary and book accommodations along the way. So, we got in touch with the booking department and started making plans.

The agent came up with a day-by-day plan and quoted us a price to book the whole thing. However, we felt like we needed a little more information. First, we mapped out the itinerary ourselves to see if the number of days could be condensed. Then, we researched all of the proposed campsites (cross-referencing against Lonely Planet and Trip Advisor, of course) to see if any of them could be booked by us directly.

Our first attempt at mapping out the destinations

Our first attempt at mapping out the destinations

It required a little back and forth, but eventually we settled on a route and cost with the agent. We came up with a 25 day itinerary, which doesn’t allow for a lot of downtime but hopefully won’t be too hard to get done. It turned out that it was easier and almost as cheap for Bushlore to book the campsites for all but one of the destinations…

The Time We Wired Money to Africa

The website for Etosha National Park in Namibia seemed petty straightforward, and the price they were requesting for a campsite was about half of what Bushlore quoted. So,we decided to try and book it on our own. Things seemed to be going pretty smoothly until it got to the whole payment part of it.

We had thought we could pay by credit card, but it turned out the only option was to wire money. We hadn’t really done that before, so it took a little figuring out how to even do that. It was tough to even figure out if we were sending it the right place – the way it was supposed to work was that we wired to an account in the US that is associated with a foreign exchange company that would then send the appropriate Namibian dollars to Etosha.

We were a little scared that somehow this was a scam (and trying to explain that we were attempting to wire money to Africa while talking to representatives of our bank felt a little silly), but by this point we were in deep enough that we decided to just send the money anyway. If we ended up losing it, it wasn’t going to be the end of the world and would be a good lesson learned. We were getting a little nervous because it took Etosha quite a while to email that they received the payment… but they finally did (after close to 3 weeks)! Hopefully when we show up there, they will still remember that…


After telling everyone how flexible we want to be on our trip, it feels strange to have planned out the first month in such detail! We’re just hoping that all of this up-front planning will help make this self-drive safari go as smooth as possible. Look forward to more posts in the future about how close we can stick to this plan 😉

Ode to Texi

One week from now we will be saying farewell to our kitty for the year that we are gone. She will be well taken care of, but it will still be quite hard to say goodbye. She’s a strange cat, but we love her anyway. Here is our Ode to Texi.

Two Months: To Do

As of May 2, we are two months from our departure date! There is so much to do. We decided to make a list to help us celebrate what we’ve done and keep track of what is left.


  • Contact and plan our safari – DONE
  • Make lodging arrangements for Johannesburg
  • Explore Travel Insurance Options & select/purchase policy
  • Add pages to both passports  – NOT NEEDED TILL ASIA
  • check visa/passport requirements for all countries
  • Get passport photos taken for visas (have several printed)
  • Scan all documents into digital format and save to both emails
  • Gather all CC contact numbers, embassy numbers, etc. – download app?
  • Get new international drivers licenses
  • Get family and friends setup with Skype/Vyber
  • set temporary change of address with  post office
  • Finalize packing lists
  • Put together med kit
  • figure out how to unlock Eric’s phone?
  • Figure out what to do with Della’s phone
  • decide on final packs
  • decide on final plug options (give dad others to return)
  • purchase plane ticket to NYC
  • purchase plane ticket to South Africa – DONE
  • purchase plane ticket to Prague – DONE
  • purchase train ticket Johannesburg to Capetown
  • Collect travel planning documents (scanned/packed)
  • Contact insurance company related to cars
  • fill out power of attorney documents (general and medical)


  • Rent our house – HALF DONE
  • write a lease for our house rental
  • Sell books on amazon?? (eric)
  • Donate stuff not worth selling – HALF DONE
  • Make arrangements for storage of the amount we plan to keep
  • Pack up the house
    • Study
    • Master Bedroom
    • Guest Bedroom 1
    • Guest Bedroom 2
    • Kitchen
    • Living Room
    • Basement big room
    • Basement sound room
    • bathroom 1
    • bathroom 2
    • master bathroom
    • garage
    • utility room
  • Sell extra clothes on ebay
  • discontinue utility services


  • Texi to vet – SCHEDULED
  • Texi to TX – SCHEDULED


  • Make a visit to our travel doc for meds/vaccines – SCHEDULED
  • Dentist appointments – SCHEDULED
  • Final doctors appointment – SCHEDULED/DONE
  • Eye exams – new glasses (della) – DONE
  • figure out when insurance ends – DONE July 1


  • Finish up credit card minimum spends – DONE
  • Cancel unnecessary credit cards
  • decide which cards to continue gaining miles on
  • notify all cards of international travel


  • External Hard drives – DONE
  • wire padlocks (TSA)
  • space on the cloud for storage (decide what spaces we will use: dropbox, google drive, other??)
  • rain covers/travel covers for packs
  • drain plugs
  • extra camera batteries (della) – DONE
  • buy more camera memory cards – DONE
  • Good walking/hiking/zumba shoes
  • good sandals – DONE
  • travel clothing – MOSTLY DONE


  • Get website up and running – DONE
  • Photo website up and linked into our Blog
  • Della – figure out how to pack/transition classroom
  • Buy new washer
  • Buy new dryer – DONE
  • Install washer/dryer
  • Have going away party
  • Eric – learn/practice driving stick shift
  • Eric – transition to shaving with bladed razor – DONE
  • Eric- get LASIK – DONE
  • Della – advertise student blog