Two Months: To Do

As of May 2, we are two months from our departure date! There is so much to do. We decided to make a list to help us celebrate what we’ve done and keep track of what is left.


  • Contact and plan our safari – DONE
  • Make lodging arrangements for Johannesburg
  • Explore Travel Insurance Options & select/purchase policy
  • Add pages to both passports  – NOT NEEDED TILL ASIA
  • check visa/passport requirements for all countries
  • Get passport photos taken for visas (have several printed)
  • Scan all documents into digital format and save to both emails
  • Gather all CC contact numbers, embassy numbers, etc. – download app?
  • Get new international drivers licenses
  • Get family and friends setup with Skype/Vyber
  • set temporary change of address with  post office
  • Finalize packing lists
  • Put together med kit
  • figure out how to unlock Eric’s phone?
  • Figure out what to do with Della’s phone
  • decide on final packs
  • decide on final plug options (give dad others to return)
  • purchase plane ticket to NYC
  • purchase plane ticket to South Africa – DONE
  • purchase plane ticket to Prague – DONE
  • purchase train ticket Johannesburg to Capetown
  • Collect travel planning documents (scanned/packed)
  • Contact insurance company related to cars
  • fill out power of attorney documents (general and medical)


  • Rent our house – HALF DONE
  • write a lease for our house rental
  • Sell books on amazon?? (eric)
  • Donate stuff not worth selling – HALF DONE
  • Make arrangements for storage of the amount we plan to keep
  • Pack up the house
    • Study
    • Master Bedroom
    • Guest Bedroom 1
    • Guest Bedroom 2
    • Kitchen
    • Living Room
    • Basement big room
    • Basement sound room
    • bathroom 1
    • bathroom 2
    • master bathroom
    • garage
    • utility room
  • Sell extra clothes on ebay
  • discontinue utility services


  • Texi to vet – SCHEDULED
  • Texi to TX – SCHEDULED


  • Make a visit to our travel doc for meds/vaccines – SCHEDULED
  • Dentist appointments – SCHEDULED
  • Final doctors appointment – SCHEDULED/DONE
  • Eye exams – new glasses (della) – DONE
  • figure out when insurance ends – DONE July 1


  • Finish up credit card minimum spends – DONE
  • Cancel unnecessary credit cards
  • decide which cards to continue gaining miles on
  • notify all cards of international travel


  • External Hard drives – DONE
  • wire padlocks (TSA)
  • space on the cloud for storage (decide what spaces we will use: dropbox, google drive, other??)
  • rain covers/travel covers for packs
  • drain plugs
  • extra camera batteries (della) – DONE
  • buy more camera memory cards – DONE
  • Good walking/hiking/zumba shoes
  • good sandals – DONE
  • travel clothing – MOSTLY DONE


  • Get website up and running – DONE
  • Photo website up and linked into our Blog
  • Della – figure out how to pack/transition classroom
  • Buy new washer
  • Buy new dryer – DONE
  • Install washer/dryer
  • Have going away party
  • Eric – learn/practice driving stick shift
  • Eric – transition to shaving with bladed razor – DONE
  • Eric- get LASIK – DONE
  • Della – advertise student blog

2 thoughts on “Two Months: To Do

  1. Planning a year’s trip is a hell of an organizational challenge, but if anyone is up to it, Eric and Della are!

  2. Good list . what are drain plugs.Do you have access to good maps for everyneDevise repair kits as appropriate-thread, laces, tape, glue sewing??

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