Budget: Slovakia

This is one of our Budget series of posts to give you an idea of how much we spent traveling around the world. Here we will look at Slovakia. Check our posts to see what kind of activities we did and where we stayed!

In Slovakia we used the Euro. We converted to US dollars using the current conversion rates at the time of our visit. It was approximately 1.3 euro to one dollar.

Total Spent (7 days): $564.55

We normally break down into the following categories:

Accommodation: $268.72

We stayed at one hostel in a dorm, one pension, and one AirBnb.

Activities: $31.68

We didn’t have many activity expenses this month! We stayed in the mountains and did hiking which was free. This included tips on a free walking tour in Bratislava, entrance to Spis Castle, and a fee to visit a church in Levoca.

Food: $165.02

We ate out approximately 1 to 2 meals per day. The hostel that we stayed in for some of these days provided breakfast.

Miscellaneous: $8.18

This included buying postcards and our Zumba class.

Transportation: $90.94

We traveled by buses and trains.

This divides out to $80.65/day which, thankfully, is under our $100/day budget. Yay!


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