Flashback Friday: Leaving on our World Trip

Flashback Friday is a picture series where we “flashback” to some of our memories – from either from our prior travel or from home. We hope you’ll enjoy some of our remembrances!

Well – So, it’s not Friday… But, still, we thought this was a flashback worth having. One year ago today, we left Denver on one of the biggest adventures of our lives. We packed up super early and headed to the airport both excited about and terrified of what awaited us. Looking back, we feel so much pride in what we managed to do in this last year. For the most part, it was a collection of fantastic memories: one amazing experience after another. We’re already hoping and planning we can another trip like this again someday!

Look at our fresh (also tired because it was way too early in the morning) faces: ready for adventure! Here we come, World!


Goodbye at the airport

Goodbye at the airport

Ready for some Globe Gazing... also ready to adjust our packs

Ready for some Globe Gazing… also ready to adjust our packs


Departure Date Update

So, the countdown on the side of this blog is counting down till the day we leave the country. But we feel like we should update it a bit. We now (finally) have our ticket from Denver to NYC. The departure date from Denver is 6/29 – a mere 5 days away. We are equal parts excited and nervous. I’m sure it will seem more real as we actually get on the plane.

We have a few days planned for NYC – and then off to Africa… and adventure!