The Hamptons

Our flight to New York arrived on Sunday, but our flight to Africa didn’t leave until Wednesday. Luckily, Della’s uncle Richard had graciously offered to let us stay with him and Kathy out at their place in the Hamptons. We figured this would be a great place to relax after all of the stress of packing up the house in June.

We didn’t have a big itinerary in mind for our time out there. Richard and Kathy took us out to eat at Oakland’s restaurant near the inlet, which was fun because we got to sit on the patio and enjoy the sea breeze and views of the boats passing by. They also took us on a driving tour of all the fancy neighborhoods, but it seemed like most of what we saw was the giant hedges everyone seems to use.

We also had a little bit of time to head to the beach. The water was a little too cold to want to swim in, but we dipped our toes in and relaxed on the sand. For our last dinner in the US, their houseguest Freddy took us out to their favorite local sports bar. Della told Eric he had to get one of these sports-themed burgers seen below. Can you guess which one he chose? 🙂


All in all, the 2 days in the Hamptons were exactly what we needed to get mentally and physically ready to do some globe gazing! 🙂



4 thoughts on “The Hamptons

  1. Can’t see the burger. Really, too cold to swim-I am raising (have raised)wimps!
    Sounds like Richard and Kathy gave you a nice send off.

  2. Richard and Kathy called us to confirm you made it safely across the puddle and to tell us how much they enjoyed your visit. I guess you were both charming.

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