Packing List: The Rest

This post was pre-scheduled to publish while we are off on our self-drive safari

There are some items that we share in our packing that didn’t really fit onto Eric or Della’s personal list.

Packing Items Shared

1 first aid kit

  1. creams (anti-fungal, antibacterial, anti-itch)

  2. pills (anti-diarrheal, laxative, allergy, motion sickness, ibuprofen, sudafed, gas relief, some general cold relief [to be augmented as needed on the road], higher strength pain killer, vitamins)

  3. prescriptions (malaria pills, two different antibiotics for diarrhea, 1 prescription anti-diarrheal)

  4. band-aids and other bandages, ace bandage

clothes line and hook

clothes washing soap and drain plug


  1. international plug set

  2. 2 small power strips

  3. car charger

duct and monkey tape

sunscreen and bug spray

water bottles

Steripen for water purification


toiletry kit

extra toiletries

Swiss army knives


two fork/spoon combination

wine opener

4 fold-able water bottles (3 small, 1 big)

2 thoughts on “Packing List: The Rest

  1. This packing info is really helpful as I plan our trip. Thanks again for another great series of posts! did you bring a laptop? I don’t see on list, just curious.

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