Connections: Joining a South African Family in Zimbabwe

Traveling is a wonderful way to meet people! Unfortunately, often those connections are strong but only fleeting. Connections is our tag to recognize and remember some of the wonderful people we meet.

On our tour to Victoria Falls, we had known that we would be joining a group of 14 people. What we didn’t know was that they would be one large group and extended friend and family group from South Africa. We felt a bit like we were intruding on their private tour. But as the day continued, they made sure to take us in and keep us safe! It was such fun to chat with them (2 of them were teachers!) and learn from them.

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4 thoughts on “Connections: Joining a South African Family in Zimbabwe

    • I guess we learned that a lot of people think very poorly of the public school system. They also fear for the inequalities, much like the USA. They seemed particularly worried for the difficulties of the very rural students who have such limited background information.

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