Zumba Round the World: Cape Town

We finally managed to do our first edition of Zumba Round the World. We had a bit of a Zumba Fail last week when we tried the first time. Using the Zumba website, we tried to find a class near our location in Cape Town. We found one about 20 min away walking. We walked all the way there only to find the address barred. It looked as if it was up a stair into an apartment. We checked and double checked the address and couldn’t figure it out. We even stood around for quite awhile to see if anyone else entered, but it looked as if the website had lied to us. Boo.

We tried again later in our week in Cape Town. We found a fitness center that offered Zumba. We were scared off at first because we had heard that it was going to cost us R170 (about $17) each to go to the class… Definitely not what we wanted to do. But after called the fitness center, Virgin Active, on Sunday- we found out that it was a open weekend- all classes free! Score!

We enjoyed our first class. It was lively and fun with a great instructor, Cindy! We recognized several songs, even one that I used to teach in my classes. But there were a lot of new ones too. Mostly hip hop, reggaeton, and cumbia. It was fantastic to be back in a class after close to 2 months without Zumba!

Can’t wait to find our next Zumba class!


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One thought on “Zumba Round the World: Cape Town

  1. I’m missing those zumba classes as well. Glad it was fun. Cool thing to do as you travel.

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