Zumba Round the World: Athens, Greece

We had to take a slightly unscheduled trip to Athens. It was kind of a bummer to give up a little bit of our time in the Peloponnese but it did have its merits! We are bed bug free AND we got to do our 4th Zumba Round the World! We were lucky to find another Zumba class quite near our AirBnB in Athens. We were a little unsure because the Zumba site said that there would be a class at the same location at both 8 and 9 pm! We decided to head to the 8:00 class after we finished up dinner with our new travel friends. This was slightly unfortunate because we were still full from a yummy dinner when we got started dancing. And this class was high energy! Maria from Baila Conmigo Dance and Fitness made sure we got sweaty and sore! She did a lot of incorporated squats in her class which was something we sorely needed (pun intended!)

We found out when we arrived that it was the first day of her 8:00 Thursday class. It was lucky for us because it meant that the class wasn’t too big and Della got to have her space. She craves her space when she’s dancing Zumba! Eric was excited because, even though the class was small, he wasn’t the only man!

Maria explained that she had started the 8 pm class because her 9 pm class had gotten too crowded. It was much busier as more students streamed in after we were finished and Maria started her 2nd upbeat class of the night (wow!)

We area heading back to Athens in a few days to meet up with Della’s family (yay!) and there might even be time for us to head to Maria’s class again! Super excited!


4 thoughts on “Zumba Round the World: Athens, Greece

  1. Being Maria’s zumba student, one thing is sure!!!her class is amazing and loved zumba because of her!!!!!!

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