We’re Coming Home, Coming Home, Tell the World We’re Coming Home… for a bit

Today we fly from Dublin to Dallas…

Eagle-eyed readers may have noticed a reference to a big decision on travel plans that was made in our last Monthly Update post. The big decision was that we decided to head back to the US for a few weeks around the holidays in December. There was a medical issue in Eric’s family that led to this decision, but it also seemed to be a natural break between our European and Asian portions of the itinerary.

While back in the US, we will spend some time with Eric’s family in Dallas and with Della’s family in Denver. We also hope to enjoy some craft brews and some Mexican food! After enjoying the holidays with friends and family, we will head for Bangkok and start gazing at the globe again!

Also, we haven’t exactly caught up on blogging about the last part of our time in Europe, so stay tuned for more blogs about some other neat places in Turkey and Ireland as well!


7 thoughts on “We’re Coming Home, Coming Home, Tell the World We’re Coming Home… for a bit

  1. Seems like a wise new way to world travel- stop in at home before going on. Looking forward to it.

  2. […] D&E: Obviously our biggest tool is this blog! However, we also keep a more personal more detailed log of every day travel. We have taken thousands and thousands of pictures – sometimes more than we know what to do with! Keeping everything digitally makes it easy to have way more than you really need. We have also sent quite a few postcards home. We have purchased a few souvenirs which we have sent home with family members when they have visited and we took some home ourselves on our break over the holidays. […]

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