Small Comforts: Our Own Bags and Soap

As we mentioned in our post about getting from Denver to Bangkok, we had a tight connection in Beijing. Fortunately, we made the connection… Unfortunately our bags did not.

We always keep a small bag of toiletries with us in carry on for plane use, but this mostly consists of toothbrushes and lotion. We were very thankful to have that for our first night in Bangkok!

Thai Airways promised us that they would deliver our bags the following day, and lucky for us, they did. Our bags arrived about 5pm the day after we did. It seemed like a smooth process, but we had help from our hostel owner who had dealt with this before…


When we received our bags!!


It is so nice to have access to soap again! Especially in a sticky, humid environment!


One thought on “Small Comforts: Our Own Bags and Soap

  1. I would think that water to wash with more than soap would be valued. Also how did the hostel owner help?

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