Budget: Bali

This is one of our Budget series of posts to give you an idea of how much we spent traveling around the world. Here we will look at Bali. Check our posts to see what kind of activities we did and where we stayed!

In Bali we used the Indonesian Rupiah. We converted to US dollars using the current conversion rates at the time of our visit. It was approximately 12,500 Rupiah to $1.00.


Total Spent (7.5 days): $757.32

Accommodation: $224.37

We stayed in two Airbnb apartments which Phill paid for and we paid him back for through food…

Activities: $98.21

This included entrance fees for a lot of temples. The largest expenses were for a dance performance, massages, and a tour guide for two days in Ubud.

Alcohol: $0

This is misleading – we did drink in Bali, but we never purchased alcohol on its own. It was always with meals or other food…

Food: $264.85

We ate out for lunch and dinner every day. We purchased one breakfast from Payogan Homestay and the others from the grocery store. There was also alcohol consumed with most dinners!

Miscellaneous: $32.76

This includes one postcard… and a large airport exit tax. blargh.

Transportation: $64.15

This includes several taxis as well as a day we took a car and driver around near Seminyak.

Visas: $73.67

We purchased our visas on arrival. We should have paid in Rupiah as it would have been cheaper than in dollars. Oops.

This divides out to $100.98/day which is just about $100/day budget! We were expecting that we might go a little over in Bali as it was a special occasion and we were traveling with others. We have to give a HUGE shout out and THANK YOU to Phill and Izaak for being understanding and supportive of our budget. Thanks!

Bali Essentials: A Pool

We really enjoyed our holiday in Bali where our friend Phill (and his friend Izaak) had planned our time.

While Bali is a truly lovely place with kind, content people, and a peaceful, spiritual culture, we decided we could never move there… We’re just not made for the weather.

Della spent almost every day sweating buckets, and we both felt like we needed to wash our clothing after every wear! (That doesn’t work so well when you only have a few outfits…)

Luckily, Phill got us set up with a very pleasant Airbnb in Seminyak. It was very comfortable and quite beautiful, but the really amazing thing was the pool!

We have not spent nearly enough time in our swimming suits throughout the last 7 months of our RTW trip, but we think we considerably made up the deficit in this one swimming pool.

We swam morning, noon, and night! We swam before breakfast, after long days in the sun, and even after dinner in the dark. We relaxed in the steamy afternoons with beers and Coke Zero, and enjoyed water from all directions swimming during the pouring rain.

We were so busy swimming that we didn’t even have time to take many pictures!

One thing we decided on our trip to Bali: the most important item you need is a pool!


A Holiday in Bali

We were quite excited to have the opportunity to meet up with one of our old college friends, Phill, in Bali for his birthday. He currently lives in Australia, so we don’t get too see him too often. Therefore, when we heard he was planning a weeklong birthday trip to Bali along with another friend from Sydney at the same time we would be just a few hours by plane away, we shifted our itinerary so we could meet up with them.


What a wonderful holiday it was! Holiday because we had to do neither the planning nor the organizing – Phill took care of it all!

We spent 3 days in Seminyak and the remaining 4 in the lovely town of Ubud. Phill planned Airbnb lodging for us the whole week. All that was left was seven days of fun!

While in Seminyak, Phill had his birthday dinner at a Mexican restaurant (of course!) and it was actually quite good. We enjoyed lots of good food and several good drinks… and then a slightly silly walk back to our apartment.

We also did a scenic walk along the beach in Seminyak, did a day trip to the Bukit Peninsula where we enjoyed the Bali version of Mt. Rushmore, several lovely beaches, and an exciting adventure at the Monkey Temple, Ulu Watu. We also experienced a gorgeous Bali sunset.

In Ubud, we saw a traditional dance performance, did an amazing (if super hot) hike above a river valley, and played in a Monkey Forest. We drove through scenic rice terraces, tried Luwak coffee (made from coffee beans eaten and then expelled by civets), and cleansed ourselves in the lovely “spring temple” where cool spring water bubbles up from the earth and then is piped into different pools where you can purify yourself in the water. We visited Big Tree Farm where we learned about how chocolate is made and got to taste almost every step of the process. We went on a day-long search for lingas and found a nice waterfall. And finally, we accidentally participated in a local village temple’s birthday party and Eric got his very first massage!

Stay tuned for some more stories from our holiday in Bali!