Bali Essentials: A Pool

We really enjoyed our holiday in Bali where our friend Phill (and his friend Izaak) had planned our time.

While Bali is a truly lovely place with kind, content people, and a peaceful, spiritual culture, we decided we could never move there… We’re just not made for the weather.

Della spent almost every day sweating buckets, and we both felt like we needed to wash our clothing after every wear! (That doesn’t work so well when you only have a few outfits…)

Luckily, Phill got us set up with a very pleasant Airbnb in Seminyak. It was very comfortable and quite beautiful, but the really amazing thing was the pool!

We have not spent nearly enough time in our swimming suits throughout the last 7 months of our RTW trip, but we think we considerably made up the deficit in this one swimming pool.

We swam morning, noon, and night! We swam before breakfast, after long days in the sun, and even after dinner in the dark. We relaxed in the steamy afternoons with beers and Coke Zero, and enjoyed water from all directions swimming during the pouring rain.

We were so busy swimming that we didn’t even have time to take many pictures!

One thing we decided on our trip to Bali: the most important item you need is a pool!


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