Where Is Your Toothbrush Interviewed Us!

We were quite excited to get invited to do an interview with a great travel blog called Where Is Your Toothbrush? We’ve actually been following this blog for a long time! We found them when planning our RTW trip and have definitely used their blog as a resource. You should click through to check out all of their great travel information.

Right now, you’ll notice that they featured us in an interview! It was part of their Two Toothbrushes interview series which is a great way to find new, interesting traveling couples.

One of our other favorite series that Where Is Your Toothbrush does is their Faraway Feline series! They feature cute cats in all sorts of fun faraway places!

We hope that you’ll go and check them out and read our interview!


Check out our interview at whereisyourtoothbrush.com

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