Connections: Friends over a Campfire

Traveling is a wonderful way to meet people! Unfortunately, often those connections are strong but only fleeting. Connections is our tag to recognize and remember some of the wonderful people we meet.

Our first night in Third Bridge Camp in Moremi Game Reserve on our self-drive safari, we were told that we had to share a campsite. We were frustrated because we had pre-booked the camp and no one had mentioned that it was a shared camp. We were also tired and stressed from our drives through deep sandy roads. But, in the end, we were so happy we shared a camp that night.

Our neighbors were three men: a grandfather from South Africa, his grandson from Namibia, and a family friend from England. They were very generous group who we were glad to get a chance to meet.

They shared their campfire with us when our bad wood just wasn’t working. Also, they were very knowledgeable about self-drive safaris as they were on a 6 week trip themselves. And they had done many of these in the past. We learned a lot about the routes we would take, driving in our truck, and game from them. It was a great connection that we were fortunate to have made!

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