Cape Town to Prague via Munich

We were quite excited when we bought our $200 tickets to Europe from Cape Town. Probably the best part was the opportunity to spend a long layover in Munich. Eric had found an excellent guide provided by the Munich airport about what to do during our 8 hours there.

We left Cape Town at approximately 2pm and flew to Jo’burg. We spent a lazy 5 hour layover there and left about 9pm. We mostly enjoyed our flight on South African airlines- they provided free wine with dinner. Of course we didn’t sleep well… And arrived in Munich, quite tired at 7:30am. After slogging through immigration we headed out to take the local bus to Freising where we visited Weihenstephan Brewery, the oldest still functioning brewery in the world! We took the bus to Freising city center, but to get to the brewery itself, we could either have taken another bus, taxi, or walk. We chose to walk and ended up finding out way to a nice walking path along a canal and through the forest. We thought it was quite scenic and helped to keep us out of the icky drizzle.

We arrived shortly before they opened their restaurant, the Braustuberl, at 10 am. Once inside, we ordered a tasting tray each, and later a dark wheat for Della and a Vitus for Eric. We also enjoyed some food. We were annoyed because they charged us for the pretzels they put out on the table! Beware of not free food!

We reversed course and made it back to the airport in plenty of time for our short flight to Prague where we meet some special guests to our travels!


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