Kaş, Turkey

After our time in Patara, we headed farther down the coast to the town of Kaş.

Where We Stayed

Santosa Pension – We had found this pension on booking.com. It was sort of amazing because as soon as we got off the bus, the first person who approached us happened to be the owner of the Santosa. He took us there and we had a nice large room which had a balcony that overlooked the town. The pension also served a delicious Turkish breakfast every morning included in the price. Again, we were the only tourists there!

What We Did

We experienced a bit more of Walking Dead tourism in Kaş, but it wasn’t as lonely as it had been in Patara since the town was bigger and had a good number of locals around. We didn’t do a whole lot while we there, but we did explore a few things.

Climb Up to the Doric Tomb – We saw a sign on the side of the road that talked about a Doric Tomb. We didn’t know anything about it, but we decided to check it out. We walked up the path and were a little concerned because it really felt like we were just walking into someone’s backyard. But we pressed on and did find the tomb, which looked like a big cube. We explored it and enjoyed the beautiful view over town. We hung out and decided to read our books for awhile.

Visit the Friday Market – No shortage of people here! The market was full of colors and smells and great hustle and bustle!

Go to the Beach – We decided to wander out on to the peninsula and followed a road that we thought would take us out there. Along the way, we stopped at the old theater and enjoyed it with some goats. Then we kept walking and found some exercise equipment, so we played on that for awhile, and finally, we found a nice, small pebble beach. We ended up not being the only ones there! In fact, several people came by and did some swimming! We didn’t think it was warm enough for that, plus we hadn’t expected to find a beach, so we didn’t have our swim suits. But we did spend some time wading, enjoying the views, and reading our books.

Visit the King’s Tomb – While exploring old town, you will probably come upon the King’s Tomb. We saw it at a lovely time of day, with the sun starting to set, glinting off the yellow leaves of the tree above it.

Explore Old Town – The old town was very cute, with lovely steep marbled roads. We felt like we were back in Croatia a little bit. There were lots of cute alleys and nice shops to explore. Because it was low season, we felt like we got a good deal on some scarves!

Watch the Sunset (preferably surrounded by fighting cats) – While we were out exploring town, the sun began to set. We headed out onto towards the docks where we found a lovely place to watch a gorgeous sunset. As soon as we had relaxed we suddenly found ourselves surrounded by a clowder of cats (yes, that is the correct word for a group of cats!) Normally we might think this was cute, but this time, they were not friendly. They were attacking each other and no matter where we moved, they decided to make sure that we were always in the middle of their fight. That was a little annoying… but the sunset was grand!


Where We Ate

Nothing that we ate here really stood out to us. The one exception was that we celebrated Thanksgiving on our first night in Kaş. We found one of the cafeteria style restaurants that we had tried several times in Turkey. There was no turkey to be found, but they did have a good looking chicken stew.


The other thing that was fun at this restaurant was that they were playing a Turkish TV show. We spent almost all of dinner trying to figure it out. It appeared to be a dating show of sorts… but everyone was far too serious. It was strange. A man and woman would come in and sit down with a screen between them. They would seemingly answer questions from the very serious looking audience and the host. Then they would be revealed to each other. There might have also been people coming back from a date and talking about how it went?  We figured out it was called Esra Erol. But, we never could figure out what was really happening. Oh yeah… and there was a band too!

Final Thoughts

Kaş was a lovely town! We were happy to visit! There might have been some better day trip tour options if we had gone during high season. We had hoped to some of those, but didn’t find the tours we had hoped to see. So, perhaps, another place where, if we visit again, we will go a little closer to high season.

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