End of RTW Trip Recap

We’ve done quite a few posts about our RTW stats, including things like our budget, our most expensive and least expensive locations, and our favorite things in many categories. But, one thing was missing – a round up of our final numbers as collected from all of our Monthly Updates. So, just for fun, here are our final stats for the RTW:

Countries visited:  29

Countries looked at: 3

Beds Slept In: 103 (One of those was our Self-Drive Safari tent which we set up 18 times!)

Chairs Slept In:  1

Tarps Slept Under: 1

Embassies Slept In: 1 (Hopefully the first and last of our life.)

UNESCO Heritage Sights Visited:  49

We traveled by 26 planesMiles Flown: 54,353

We traveled by 10 boats.

We traveled by 12 trains.

We traveled 53 long distance buses/minibuses.

We traveled by 2 shared taxis.

We traveled by 4 rental car/trucks. 

We traveled by 2 helicopters.

Eric read 51 books.

Della read 50 books.

Is there anything else you want to know?? Tell us in the comments!

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